Self Storage Near the Town of Wawarsing, NY

209 Storage Vault in Ellenville, NY is the perfect self-storage facility for customers from the surrounding Ulster, Orange and Sullivan County areas. Located within the Village of Ellenville on Route 209, our brand new facility features affordable climate-controlled units, gated access with PIN pad entry, security cameras and much more.

Whether your self-storage needs are big or small, short term or long term, residential or commercial, 209 Storage Vault has everything you need to clear the clutter in your home or business. Reach out to our friendly team today to get started.


1. Make a general plan on how you will organize the unit.
2. Use pallets or shelves whenever possible to prevent mice/rats and silverfish from making a home under your boxes.
3. Avoid putting wet or dirty items in storage. This will invite mold, mildew and other types of water damage.
4. Store mirrors and frames standing on end. NEVER FLAT!
5.Make an aisle that will allow you to access your contents easily.
6. Take furniture apart to save space. Remove table legs and table tops. Store the hardware with it for easier reassembly.
7.Avoid using plastic bags/garbage bags. It can cause mildew.
8. Use sheets, blankets and towels when wrapping more fragile items.
9. Use bubblewrap on your breakables such as glass and mirrors.
10. Keep important things in front for easy access.


Heavy duty plastic storage bins seem ideal to store your contents. They can take quite a bit of impact without too much damage. They are resistant to water and dirt/dust. BUT, they are far from ideal because in extreme temperature and humidity changes moisture can build up from condensation causing mold/mildew and water damage. If you use them, place a dessicant inside like bulk Silica Gel packets or Damp Rid. Make sure your items are completely dry when you put them in the bin, initially.